acne/oily skin

Let’s stop those breakouts, flare-ups & post inflammation scarring and get your acne/oily prone skin to

clear up asap!


• Blackheads & visibly congested skin

• Hormonal breakouts

• "Maskne" breakouts from covid masks

• Acne scars, craters & pock-marks

• Uneven tone & texture  

• Active, red & painful pustules 

• Under the skin bumps

• Large pores

• Milia

• Wear excessive amounts of makeup for coverage

• Frustrated & confused on why this is happening as an adult

• Embarrassed & less confident to meet work clients, friends, dates

• Won’t post a pic without filtering skin in photos

• Feeling helpless while my teen struggles with acne


HydraFacial (most popular)

• Signature HydraFacial   $199  
• Deluxe HydraFacial $249
(Includes custom booster & manual extractions)
• Platinum HydraFacial   $299  
(Includes lymphatic drainage + custom booster + manual extractions)

Deep Cleaning Microdermabrasion

• Total $185 (Invasive extractions included which requires a few days of downtime)

Perfect Derma Peels  

• Medical grade & safe for all skin types
• Perfect Derma Peel $249
• Perfect Derma Peel Booster $50 
• The Perfect 'No Peel" Derma Peel $199 

SkinPen Microneedling

• Full Face $350
• Full Face + Neck $450
• Full Face + Neck + Chest $550
• Package of 3: 10% off | Package of 6: 15% off

'Unique to You' Custom Facial
Book this facial and I'll take care of the rest!  $150+

Not Sure What You Need?

Clarifying Teen Facial 

PRP "Vampire Facial" Microneedling

• Full Face $750
• Full Face + Neck $850
• Full Face + Neck + Chest $950
• Package of 3: 10% off | Package of 6: 15% off

• Teen facial $120 (Includes microdermabrasion or chemical exfoliant)


Step 1: I get to know you inside & out

Understanding your everyday habits allows me to effectively improve your skin situation. How long, at what times, under what conditions, noticeable triggers, lifestyle habits, diet, nutrition, skin regimens, job/life stresses, changes in medications are just some of the topics we will discuss so I can determine the culprits that might be causing your skin issues.

Step 2 : I analyze your skin

I analyze the surface of your skin under the microscope and explain any skin issues going on and present ideas and lifestyle changes that I feel will keep your skin looking healthy weeks after your facial treatment. We will discuss expectation levels, recovery time and a personal skincare plan.

Step 3  : The Bombshell Experience

Throughout your facial experience, I will explain the techniques and tools I am using and why they are important to your skins maximum results. We will discuss expectation levels, recovery time and any budget concerns.

Step 4: Your customized post treatment plan

Following the treatment, we will discuss your suggested at-home skincare regimen, follow-up treatments & after care. I pride myself in being available outside of the treatment room for progress updates & any skin concerns you, or someone you know, may have. I’m here to help and available 24hrs a day!




I've trusted Tanya with all my beauty treatments for over 9 years. I'm 65 years YOUNG with an amazing glow because she has been giving me facials and addressing my specific needs for nearly a decade! The key to growing old gracefully is to maintain a healthy skin and Tanya is my go to angel!

“Tanya is AH-MAZING!!”