uneven skin

Let’s lighten that pigmentation & smooth your bumpy texture so it will

stop annoying you!


• Light or dark spots throughout the skin (hyperpigmentation)

• Large areas of discoloration (melasma)

• Redness & flushing on the mid-face

• Acne scars (red or pink)

• Uneven skin texture that is bumpy, scaly, or rough in spots

• Broken capillaries or red, spider web-shaped patterns visible underneath the skin surface

• Rosacea all stages

• Swollen blood vessels on the nose and cheeks which may or may not include small bumps with or without pus with a skin look similar to acne

• Super sensitive skin

• Skin tends to get red from heat, stress, alcohol or spicy foods

• Using makeup to even out skin

Recommended Facials
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Love this place! Tanya is amazing. Facials with her have transformed the texture and tone of my skin. She is a warm and funny person as well, which makes appointments with her a blast! She does great brow shaping also. "


“Facials with Tanya have transformed the texture and tone of my skin

Understanding your everyday habits allows me to effectively improve your skin situation. How long, at what times, under what conditions, noticeable triggers, lifestyle habits, diet, nutrition, skin regimens, job/life stresses, changes in medications are just some of the topics we will discuss so I can determine the culprits that might be causing your skin issues.

Step 1: I get to know you inside & out

Step 2 : I analyze your skin

I analyze the surface of your skin under the microscope and explain any skin issues going on and present ideas and lifestyle changes that I feel will keep your skin looking healthy weeks after your facial treatment. We will discuss expectation levels, recovery time and a personal skincare plan.

Step 3  : The Bombshell Experience

Following the treatment, we will discuss your suggested at-home skincare regimen, follow-up treatments & after care. I pride myself in being available outside of the treatment room for progress updates & any skin concerns you, or someone you know, may have. I’m here to help and available 24hrs a day!

Step 4: Your customized post treatment plan

Throughout your facial experience, I will explain the techniques and tools I am using and why they are important to your skins maximum results. We will discuss expectation levels, recovery time and any budget concerns.

Perfect Derma Peel (most popular)

• Medical grade & safe for all skin types
• Perfect Derma Peel $249
• Perfect Derma Peel Booster $50 
• The Perfect 'No Peel" Derma Peel $199  

• Full Face $350
• Full Face + Neck $450
• Full Face + Neck + Chest $550
• Package of 3: 10% off | Package of 6: 15% off

SkinPen Microneedling

• Full Face $750
• Full Face + Neck $850
• Full Face + Neck + Chest $950
• Package of 3: 10% off | Package of 6: 15% off

PRP "Vampire Facial" Microneedling

Dermatude Meta Therapy Facial

• Full Face $195  
• Add neck + chest $50 


• Signature HydraFacial   $199  
• Deluxe HydraFacial $249
(Includes custom booster & manual extractions)
• Platinum HydraFacial   $299  
(Includes lymphatic drainage + custom booster + manual extractions)

Dermaplaning Facials

• Dermaplaning  $120 
• Dermaplaning + Microdermabrasion  $150 
• Dermaplaning add-on  $50  

'Unique to You' Custom Facial
Book this facial and I'll take care of the rest! $150+

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